We provide maintenance inspections to suit your requirements together with breakdown cover and repairs to all industrial self- stacking spiral freezers and chillers.

We undertake scheduled maintenance inspections to assess the condition of your spiral freezer, to ensure all parts are within the manufacturer’s tolerances and this inspection will be followed up with a full report.


We can dismantle and reinstall your industrial spiral freezer or chiller.  Our service will include:

  • Freezer rewire
  • Commissioning
  • Product trials
  • Refrigeration pipework and plant


We also source second hand spiral freezers and refrigeration plants, several freezers are always in stock at very competitive prices.  Please call us for current availability as the stock can change daily.


We are available 24/7 for any breakdowns that may occur to your self- stacking spiral freezers or chillers.

We are able to supply spare parts for your spiral freezer to include:

  • Self- stacking belt for all freezer layouts
  • Ball drive pretzel chains
  • 25mm plastic balls
  • Ball rail plastics
  • Rail plastics
  • Top guide plastics
  • Sprockets and rollers
  • Replacement wagons for wagon drive freezers
  • Plastic wheels
  • Plastic bushes
  • Drum plastics
  • FDA approved food grade ball rail lubrication
  • FDA approved food grade gear box oil


Maintenance Inspections


Installation and removal of spiral freezers



Spare Parts